So, We moved to the other side of the world

leaving-for-ukYep, we all decided to check out what it would be like to ship the five of us across the seas to live in the UK and travel through Europe.

It wasn’t an easy decision, we had to do a lot of work to get here, and have a very flexible workplace, family and mind. Plus a very organised wife. That helped a lot.

Work – I work for a great company called Flamingo. That was the first step, I had to check to make sure that I could still work for Flamingo while abroad. We already have a few guys that work in the US, so I suggested that we also have someone in the UK. By suggesting, I kinda just asked if it was ok. they said “yes” – so step one done. Bloody Awesome.

Family – My wife’s family in the UK offered up their home for base camp. Bloody Awesome. My family in Australia let us store our stuff in their shed. Bloody Awesome. They are also looking after our 6th member of the family, our dog, Amy. She’s also bloody awesome, so I am glad that they are all getting along.

Mind – We just had to do it, we set a date and stuck to it. We were pretty rushed, we had to fix up our place ready for rental, we had to organise a whole bunch of things, but luckily I have an awesome…

Wife – She just organised so much stuff, I focused on working and getting money together for the move. She worked on getting all the Visas, the passports, organised someone to rent our house while we’re gone.

It is a very big change to lifestyle, I felt that I should be as flexible with my company as they are with me and start work early to help with timezone issues. I am also meeting with them (via Skype) twice a week, at 10:30pm UK time (9:30am AU time)

Now we just need to start planning trips.