Oh well, I’ve been feeling down for a few weeks

Never underestimate the negative power of living somewhere you don’t own. Also, never underestimate the empathy you feel when someone you love is struggling.

We’ve moved in with my wife’s old man and his missus. They are tops as people and said that we should treat the house like our own, the thing is, it is also their own house, with their own stuff that takes up an entire house.

So the stuff we have is very limited in volume and very limited in where it can be placed. Like our bedroom.

So feeling it.

My wife is home schooling our kids, Ms 9 year old is being a typical talking back little 9 year old. That makes it difficult, I enjoy teaching the kids from time to time, but I also have to make money, which only leaves a limited amount of time I can help. By that time, my brain is done, my eyes hurt and I am just ready to call it a day and have fun.

So feeling it.

Not sure how to turn it around, I guess another thing is, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of shitty rainy weather.

I’ll fix it, I’m a machine.