Muscles – Going to do it the hard way.

I was toying with the idea of using some performance enhancing drugs to help me get more gains. Thinking about it, I was excited, I noticed that I have gained a bit of size around my arms and legs and chest and am feeling pretty pumped.

I was also talking to people who were thinking about using Tren, Deca or something similar. That got me excited about the gains I was going to get. Then I thought a little more about it and decided that that isn’t why I was doing this.

I could cheat, yep, I could. But then again, I could just keep going to the gym and get my next achievement. Like, two days ago, I did a deadlift of 140Kgs. That’s the most I have ever done. I feel sore, I feel great! I feel as though I have earned this.

My thoughts around using drugs to enhance my performance would be like paying for Candy Crush extra items, or cutting inline. I know that I’ll get there faster, but did I really earn it?

Slowly and surely. That’s what I am doing.